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STARYL is committed to creating a supportive and informative environment free of harassment and discrimination for our speakers, our attendees, and ourselves. Please communicate in a respectful and friendly manner and refrain from using discriminatory, abusive, and derogatory language and behaviour. Especially as the talks will be facilitated online, communication can sometimes be perceived differently to when in person and relies largely on spoken language. We therefore ask you to consider whether your question or comment could be perceived as offensive or discriminating before stating it, and to phrase questions as openly and inclusively as possible. We ask you to show good judgment and use common sense at all times.


We welcome attendees of all backgrounds and identities and ask that they behave respectfully and in accordance with this code of conduct. Should we find that an attendee does not behave accordingly, i.e. hostile or harassing, we reserve the right to remove said attendee from the current event and restrict access to future talks. Sometimes, one might not be aware that an utterance was perceived as discriminatory or hurtful. If you are made aware of this and are asked to stop, please do so immediately.


It is not permitted to record the meetings by any means. Only STARYL has the right to record meetings with permission of the speaker. Attendees will be informed prior to the beginning of the talk if a recording will take place and can, for instance, turn off their camera if wished.


When signing into the Zoom meeting, please make sure that your first and surname are displayed on your profile so we can see that you have registered. We ask that you keep yourself muted and remain off camera during the talk and not interrupt the speaker. Questions for the speaker can be sent to the host via chat in the informal Q&A session after the talk.

Remember that STARYL events are a space for learning and hate speech will not be tolerated.

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Please familiarise yourself with the code of conduct for our events

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